#Nightwish is a public and multinational IRC-channel for fans of the Finnish band Nightwish.
It's not only for desperate Nightwish fans. Anyone can join and follow or participate
to the conversation at hand. As Nightwish is being the most common subject in the
channel, we are still talking about any subject we want.

If you still haven't visited our IRC-channel #Nightwish at QNet, do it now! All you need
is an IRC-client software which you can freely download from here for example:
http://www.mirc.com/ After installation, click here to join. Welcome!

Other info:
In history of channel #Nightwish, we have had people from 20 different countries,
mostly from Europe. Here is a list from countries we have had chatters from:

Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Poland, Great Britain, Estonia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal,
Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Russian, Brazil, Denmark, Hungary, Luxemburg, Croatia, Korea, Israel, Chile, Turkey