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23.05.2004 We got peak of 100 users in our channel #nightwish
11.03.2004 We got peak of 80 users in our channel #nightwish
18.03.2003 Nightwish's latest album (Century Child) has sold double platinum (as 60.000 copies) in Finland.
17.01.2003 Nightwish's Century Child Tour is now over. Read here about their thoughts as an interview (finnish).
05.01.2003 We got peak of 60 users in our channel #nightwish
21.12.2002 Tarja Turunen's new interview! Read it from here.
15.12.2002 We got peak of 40 users in our channel #nightwish
13.12.2002 New T-shirts available! Visit the Nightwish-Shop
29.11.2002 Nightwish DVD will be released at 26.05.2003


11.01.2003 In Oberhausen (König-Pilsener-Arena)
12.01.2003 Munich (Zenith)


Other current events
After last concerts of "Century Child" world tour ending in Germany, Nightwish will take a break for atleast one year. Break is for the band's singer's Tarja's opera studies in Germany. The band Nightwish is not breaking up.