Rules of #Nightwish

1 Behave properly. This generally includes all the following but some people just dont get it.
2 No flooding/repeating.
3 Do not beg for op or voice.
4 Do not advertise other channels.
5 Do not use public away/gone/back/etc messages - We are not interested. See this page.
6 Don't change your nick repeatedly / when going away (5 ). - It's annoying.
7 All other disturbing scripts forbidden aswell. Uncertain of your script? Ask.
8 Do not use colors or actions.
9 No stupid urls. Including: "recruitment games", getpaidtosurf, blood/violence, viruses etc.
10 Do not cause harm to other users or their property.

Language? It is recommended to speak english as everyone understands it. However you may speak your native language to your friend for e.g. if he understands it. Also it is important to understand that if you don't use english, atleast part of the users won't understand it.